Destiny 2 On PC Will Launch After Console Versions

The Switch's portability seemed to be the cause for Destiny 2 not being on the new console. Bungie has recently unveiled this teaser during a livestream event. But there was no mention on stage of any difference in release dates. Rallied to work together by Commander Zavala, the player character Guardian, alongside wise Warlock Ikora Rey and the Nathan Fillion-voiced comic relief ally Cayde-6 must fight to take back their home and regain their powers. Based on the revealed footage, the City was pulverized by the destructive weapons of Ghaul's armies. Rumors about Steam and a dedicated Bungie app had floated around, but Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime revealed the news in a recorded statement at the end of the presentation.

Community elements are also pushed to the fore with new social features that will assist in building Fireteams. Check out Destiny 2's Homecoming in the player below! Four new locations are supposedly set to be added as well as new sub-classes and Supers for present classes. The ones shown during the live stream was an Arcstrider energy staff for the Hunter, a Void Shield for the Titan, and a flaming Dawnblade for the Warlock. Will it be a bigger, better version of the same game Destiny fans have been playing for the past two and a half years? The next iteration of Bungie's flagship shooter was announced to arrive on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, alongside the series' expansion to PC via Blizzard's service.

You'll be able to launch any new activity straight from the map, without having to go into orbit first.

It also ensures that those who poured thousands of hours into Destiny 1 don't spend the first few months dominating the Crucible while everyone else catches up.

In Countdown, the new 4v4 competitive PvP mode, the first team pull off six rounds of either arming or disarming bombs wins. Clan communication has been integrated into the game itself, instead of most of the communication taking part outside of the game.