Android Go has a redesigned Recents view for more efficiency

  • Android Go has a redesigned Recents view for more efficiency

Android Go has a redesigned Recents view for more efficiency

This time, Google has different plans with Android Go as the sub Rs 10,000 phone segment is fiercely competitive. Yes, in certain countries, customized versions of Android are preferred to what we know as vanilla Android.

Rumors also suggest that Google is considering to remove the headphone jack in the Pixel 2.

Google has always played well with the creativity element; in Android O we will witness more colorful and vibrant display which will instantly grab the user's attention. The functionality was initially spotted on Saturday, with first sightings being attributed to the new update for the second developer preview of Android O, though that notion was promptly dispelled by a Google engineer Elliott Hughes who took to Google+ to clarify that the feature is integrated into GmsCore.

To overcome these limitations, Android Go will come bundled in all smartphones with a RAM of 1 GB and less. Unlike Chrome and Android, Fuchsia was built using Magenta, Microsoft's own microkernel.

It's very easy to dismiss Google I/O as just an opportunity to show off new toys and to throw a big party. As emojis become an increasingly common tool for sharing emotions, the difference between Google blobs and other emoji platforms was causing communications breakdowns for users. A Google Pixel 2 prototype is already running on Android O, hinting that its release will not be long now.

Google hasn't been sitting on its hands though. It's a massive, system-level change in Android O that bypasses a lot of the expensive testing that partners have had to do. Project Treble, described in the Android security panel, divides Android into three segments. Android TV device activations are also seeing one million new Android TV device activations every two month, which have doubled since last year's numbers.

There are also new rules about user identifiers. This code modularity would allow Google to issue Android updates much faster to more devices, not just Nexus and Pixel phones. As such, users will be able to continue watching a video on YouTube or Netflix without any interruptions while accessing other apps on the phone.

Can I roll back to Android Nougat? Fragmentation itself is not a problem that Google can or should truly solve. The announcement was made by Zach Koch, Google Product Manager, as a part of the Future of Web Payments announcement at the annual Google I/O conference. Let's not forget that the success of Samsung's Galaxy devices are one of the only reasons Android has gotten to where it is today. That is likely to increase the chances someone with Android Pay on their phone will actually use it. Not only would Google have greater control over the licensing behind its distribution agreements, but Fuchsia and the Flutter SDK are created to be cross-platform, which would make it easier for Google developers trying to ensure Android runs on all manner of hardware platforms it's expected to power. There is also a chance for this graphics drivers update to increase Vulkan support and less popular devices could potentially gain better graphics as a result.

Android Go is about more than controlling software updates.