The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay teases about chosen man

  • The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay teases about chosen man

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay teases about chosen man

And that response has been harsh in the past - Season 11's Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, faced online harassment after she had sex with a contestant fairly early on in the show.

Matt, 32, a construction sales rep, opted for a penguin costume instead of a suit and told Lindsay that "once penguins find their soul mates they tend to mate for life and with any luck I hope that's me". "There's a lovely woman who is being bored to death!" OK.

Nope. That First Impression rose goes instead to the suave Brian, who caught Rachel's eye the moment he stepped out of the limo ("I felt something unexplainable."). But don't forget that Rachel has a serious side too, and with it comes a serious brain. We don't know what was worse: The guy who took the opportunity to awkwardly tickle Rachel (no thanks) or the guy who kept yelling "whaboom!" every chance he got. Ugh! After all, that's how Elle Woods got into Harvard. But not all of her suitors have a good intention at heart. Here she is greeting fans, whom host Chris Harrison tells us are numerous (my favourite, the older lady who says, "Don't sleep with all of them"). And here you all thought Fairy Godmothers were fake. This man is in for real red-eye tears over how he was rejected (by a woman he just met) and more important, how his virtual catwalk has come to an end.

Should Rachel prefer a man of a few words, but an affinity for obnoxious outbursts, Lucas, better known as "Whaboom", could be up her alley. Rachel also revealed that her fiance is a sports fan. You will see that I have very strong connections with several of the men and you'll see that play out throughout the journey, but I didn't do what Ben did. We need it to be next Monday now! "It's definitely a struggle, I mean, I promise I want to tell you, I just can't", she said.

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There's also Josiah, a prosecuting attorney who reveals that his brother hung himself and that he, Josiah, had to cut his brother down from the tree when he was freaking 7 years old. 'And they did, as you can see'.

Rachel struggled with the trip down memory lane, but ultimately she gave him a rose.

Josiah, 28, attorney with a TV movie of a backstory: If there's a spark, he's winning this. Meet Rachel's enemy in the courtroom: the prosecutor. It was one of those things where we're going to lose a battle, but hopefully we're going to win the war.

"Have you ever dated a Colombian guy before?" He was arrested for burglary when he was 12 but, as he later explained to Rachel, he was put in a diversion program and grew up to become a successful prosecutor.