Apple to showcase new features for its gadgets

  • Apple to showcase new features for its gadgets

Apple to showcase new features for its gadgets

Developer-focused announcements have been made in advance by the Apple, said a report from India Today tech team.

The announcements follow complaints that Apple has let its Mac computers languish in favor of its better-selling products, namely the iPhone.

The feature, called "Do Not Disturb While Driving", will be part of Apple's iOS 11, a new version of the operating software for Apple mobile devices.

Apple will introduce iOS 11 on Monday during its WWDC 2017 keynote, at which point it should confirm both the Files app and the drag and drop feature. Cook may even lift the cover on a smart speaker based on the Siri virtual assistant. Last year, Apple opened Siri to a select set of developers, such as Uber, Square and Pinterest. The device, a black column with an always-listening microphone, is powered by a Siri-like assistant named Alexa.

"We expect Apple's first home AI product will have excellent acoustics performance (one woofer plus seven tweeters) and computing power (similar to iPhone 6/6S AP)", KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a note to clients in late April.

Siri will be paying more attention to what you do on your iPhone. However, the only thing which we can confirm is the developer of the app.

"Eventually, the file system management is just going to be an app for pros and consumers aren't going need to use it". What does that mean for iOS's user-interface design? There is a widespread feeling that the OS, which has been around for 10 years now, should see a much wider and deeper update than the routine ones dished out year after year.

Apple is expected to unveil a new version of its streaming device - Apple TV. The listing briefly appeared in the App Store and included an icon of a blue file folder and a requirement of iOS 11. We have heard rumors that a new Mac Pro will be coming soon so we hope to get some details on what is to come with the update on this line.

Wish list: Breaking up the bloated iTunes app and a cleaner Apple Music experience. Additionally, according to Smith, the developer who tweeted about this; this is seemingly a new App Store entry by Apple for the Activity App.

They also disclosed that the MacBookAir will be discontinued but the brand could be recycled and a forthcoming MacBook Pro model will get 32 GB of RAM.

Perhaps the biggest update WatchOS 4 will bring to the Apple Watch is dynamic watch faces. It's probably too early. So what should you expect at this year's WWDC and how can you watch it live? And now Apple is expected to put the kibosh on 32-bits.

Some sort of Siri speaker? This is possibly the most exciting time of year for Apple fans and developers alike. This makes sense - the Amazon Echo is a popular device, Apple makes entertainment devices and owns Beats - but we don't know much more about it.