Get ready for the coming iOS 11 'Appocalypse'

  • Get ready for the coming iOS 11 'Appocalypse'

Get ready for the coming iOS 11 'Appocalypse'

It seemed as though for years macOS had been taking cues from iOS; the addition of a notifications tab, gaining an App store, and most recently Siri improved the experience of using an Apple computer, but it left many wondering why iOS, especially the iPad, never received any features in return.

iOS 11 will give the new iPad Pro improved multitasking and file management capabilities.

When first unboxed, the HomePod scans the room, emitting reference sounds and listening back to them to work out where it has been placed. And what are the new features in AirPlay 2?

In its WWDC event last week, Apple announced its latest iOS 11 and users have been rushing to install it even though it is still in developer preview stage.

According to another report published by 9to5Mac, Apple MacBook Pro 2017 laptop comes equipped with a revamped Touch Bar as well.

You'll still be able to use maps and Global Positioning System for directions, which is an extremely useful feature that many people just can't do without (and that doesn't cause traffic accidents). Pair one of these apps with the iPhone 7's camera (or the 7 Plus's dual cameras) and things are bound to get more interesting. And here is a comparison between the two laptops Apple. In 2015, Apple introduced the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a keyboard and stylus. The Notes app now automatically senses it's a document, scans it, crops the edges, removes tilt and glare and prompts a signature with the Apple Pencil. That should mean that controlling your home tech is easier than ever, with a one-stop shop for everything from lights and heating to your background music.

iOS 11 brings support for dragging and dropping items between applications. That means you and others with access to your smart home setup can pop songs on that list for playing later.

We have a $154 price estimate for Apple, which is roughly in line with the current market price. Aside from hugely expensive new iMac Pro (US$5000 for an entry level unit), the rest of the Mac range received a speed bump courtesy of a Kaby Lake heart transplant.

The 5 most important announcements made by Apple at Apple WWDC 2017, here are the five big announcements Apple made at WWDC 2017. That will be really cool for people who use a lot of translation in their jobs or who just like to travel and want to know how to talk properly in another language. This includes the Apple-owned Beats.

But for some reason Apple past year decided that power users also wanted the same pared-back experience just to gain a few more millimetres of thinness, and striped all the essential ports from its Pro model too.

The iPad Pro also retains the headphone jack, and a 4-speaker setup to satisfy all your audio needs.

As usual with every iOS update, there are Apple fans who are super-excited with what the company has implemented in iOS 11, and the second one which represents Android community which is amused because most of the new iOS features have been on Android for years.

One new feature allows you to see what your friends are listening to, ideal for getting instant recommendations. However, integrating these options was dependent on the app developer.