Nintendo just announced two huge new Switch games at E3 2017

The chief executive of the North American arm of the firm, Reggie Fils-Aime, said: 'Nintendo Switch provides everyone a ticket for a journey to new worlds and fun, exclusive experiences. It's a blast! In fact, we have such a good time that we made a decision to do it again, only this time at E3 - the epicenter of the gaming universe for the next few days. Meanwhile, announcements like Rocket League were meant to show off the Switch's broad appeal, while Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would tickle the fancy of any Japanese game fan. It had huge machines, intricate, handsome looking settings and a tale of good versus evil with two new young protagonists, lots of boomage and cool looking swords clashing in a tense battle.

Metroid is back and it is coming to Switch!

Monster Hunter X sold 3.2 million copies in roughly its first month, and while the series hasn't been almost as popular here in the States, however that could change early next year when the newest title, Monster Hunter: World, drops worldwide, all at the same time. For all we know, we may not get a glimpse of the game until next year. Other characters will also show up Fire Emblem games-Awakening's Chrom, Shadow Dragon's Prince of Altea Marth and three from Fates: Ryoma, Xander and Corrin. This looks like a quirky yet epic Kirby debut for the Switch.

In addition, it was announced that a new Pokemon-themed role-playing game was in development, as is a fourth major entry to the Metroid Prime sci-fi adventure series. At least we got a amusing video out of it, check out CrowbCat's realistic take on Odyssey. Instead of dwelling on the smaller things Nintendo are yet to talk about, the company delivered a bunch of pleasant surprises and have given players much-needed reassurance that both the Switch and the 3DS will be even better in months to come. All we got was the teaser above so no gameplay or release dates just yet. I quickly found all four and earned those Moons, but more were scattered around New Donk City to be found.

There is a new Yoshi game coming out for the Switch.

Hopefully, Nintendo will expand upon how the multiplayer aspects of this game will work as the power combinations shown in the trailer certainly look to build on traditional Kirby gameplay in many clever ways.

Super Mario Odyssey is already chock full of references to some of Donkey Kong's other pals, with some street signs and billboards featuring text like Diddy's Mart, Dixie Street, and Cranky Avenue. Later, I took over a pedestrian of New Donk City (whose proportions are comically accurate compared to Mario) to drive his RC vehicle.

Nintendo didn't leave out its portable console. We're getting Metroid Prime 4. Not only was it a brand new 3D Mario title, but it represented a return to the classic sandbox style of play seen in Mario 64 and Sunshine.

What we got here was a more confident and relaxed Nintendo than we've seen since the Wii U's demise. Nintendo won E3, again, by showing up after everybody else's conferences and dazzling the faithful with something that was equal parts joy and creativity, again. You can buy one plate for $50 or the Power Plate Duo which includes a second battery and travel bags for $70.