Nate Diaz: Don't Count On Conor vs. Diaz Rematch After Floyd Fight

  • Nate Diaz: Don't Count On Conor vs. Diaz Rematch After Floyd Fight

Nate Diaz: Don't Count On Conor vs. Diaz Rematch After Floyd Fight

When Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor head to Las Vegas for their much-anticipated boxing pay-per-view bout on august 26, the expectations for a circus atmosphere and straight cash for the participants will be large. Despite the jaw-dropping numbers, the men behind the McGregor-Mayweather super fight are confident the record can be broken. Floyd will go back to retirement - presumably for good this time with another nine-figure paycheck - and Conor will go back to the UFC.

@TheNotoriousMMA I used to have nothing but animosity towards you. McGregor is a tough competitor. I can see him doing it. They requested anonymity because the fight had not been formally announced.

White, in whose organisation Irishman McGregor has become a world champion, told Fox Sports: "It's definitely the biggest fight ever in combat sports history, and probably going to be the biggest payday ever". Both fighters are the biggest names in their respective sports, with McGregor serving as MMA's biggest star and Mayweather widely considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. "I was actually a guy who got tickets and I couldn't get the tickets the week of the fight". Both parties are very happy.

UFC president, Dana White, Stephen Espinoza and Leonard Ellerbe of Mayweather Promotions, answered all of these questions in a media conference that took place yesterday evening.

Because McGregor is under contract with UFC, the company will have to take a chunk of the final earnings.

McGregor, the UFC's reigning lightweight champion and former featherweight champion, is known as much for his bravado as for his explosive knockout power inside an MMA octagon.

FILE - In this May 2, 2015, file photo, Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrates during his welterweight title fight against Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas.

Given that Mayweather and McGregor are both expert trash talkers and brazen self-promoters, this one will have a special feel to it, even if that aura dissipates the moment the opening bell sounds.

Already, McGregor has taken two shots at Mayweather on Instagram and Twitter.

In monetary terms, this fight is expected to earn 500 million dollars in pay per view sales. "So, I [applaud] Conor for getting this fight", she said.

Mayweather retired after he defeated Andre Berto two years ago, and he said he would only return to boxing for a fight that would make him at least $100 million. "We have had up fight odds since November 18 with the hopes that it would take place, and there has been non-stop McGregor money from being a 10/1 underdog to his current line as a 4/1 underdog".