Super Mario Odyssey will release on October 27, spectacular E3 Trailer Revealed

Read on for a full rundown of Nintendo's E3 features.

A Yoshi platformer in the style of Yoshi's Woolly World is coming to the Switch.

The game will receive a physical and digital release Holiday 2017. One important part of the debut trailer was that a red Yoshi tagged along which could mean two-player co-op play for the Switch title. The announcement was in name only, however, as no release date, screenshots or gameplay were showcased for the upcoming title. Seeing brand new content announced for a game that was spectacular in every way is always a welcome sight.

Pack 2, The Champions' Ballad, is set for a holiday release, with Daruk, Mipha, Revali, and Urbosa amiibo "coming soon".

Another rumor confirmation came in the form of the Metroid Prime 4 reveal. This wasn't announced directly via Nintendo's E3 Spotlight presentation, butofficial assets show Nintendo's plans to add new statues in the game featuring "captured" enemies from the game controlled by Mario's "Cappy" sidekick hat-character. Game after game after game as we saw exciting announcements left, right and center. It's not like fans are going to be complaining about that, as they want to get this game inside their Switch consoles ASAP.

All in all, the game just looks a lot more complex and well thought-out over other titles similar to this.

Game Freak is working on a core Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch?

"Metroid Prime 4 is something that Nintendo fans have been clamouring for for ages, so it was a nice just to be able to say it is coming", commented Ms Byrne.

However, no specifics were provided on how these assists will work.though no additional details were revealed.

Nintendo is resurgent. The Switch is a hit.

We reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild earlier this year and thought it was superb. Slow sales and a lack of games from major third-party studios helped doom the Wii U, the Switch's predecessor.

From a short, new gameplay trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, you'll be taking over different enemies and objects as you travel the world.

Players will explore Mushroom Kingdom with classic series heroes, as well as their unusual Rabbid counterparts. Released on August 29th. I can't wait to discover the zany weapons, abilities, characters, and items this title is promising.

As I explored New Donk City in search of four musicians to fill out Mayor Pauline's festival band and earn myself another Power Moon, I was struck by how delightfully odd it felt to have Mario walk among skyscrapers, yellow taxis and normal-looking human beings.

It may seem a small issue to focus heavily on, but Odyssey's return to the open 3D environments of Mario 64 or Sunshine often requires precision platforming - undertaken in in far more diverse surroundings, where Mario's primary colour palette has been replaced by an alien NY cityscape.

Anyone tuned in to Nintendo's online-only presentation for E3 2017 likely expected the usual quirks and charms Nintendo is known for.