Honoring your own on Father's Day

  • Honoring your own on Father's Day

Honoring your own on Father's Day

Did you grow up in a Christian atmosphere?

As a child support prosecutor, I am faced daily with the repercussions of rearranged families - parents who no longer live in the same home, and children who rarely see their fathers. He took us for a ride that turned into a walk down at the beach.

Whether through adoption, a foster child, a step-child or one of his own can all call this guy Dad today.

"I always wondered why God was supposed to be a father", she whispers. I make friendly conversation with people in elevators just like him, and I listen to Jim Croce like him. His love for us is unconditional.

And not because they will get pampered with a pair of character socks (seriously, again?) or an electric shaving kit (yip, you bought him that past year!), but mostly because they will get to spend the day with their precious loved ones. And because I love them so much, I made it a goal to understand the importance of my role as their father. I tried to please him so he would value me and be proud of me.

It's like the saying I didn't realize how smart my parents were until I reached middle age. Even if I played poorly, he would always be there with his encouragement. More compassionate. More appreciative. We're sure dads would love to do even more, if only their significant others would let them! Seems that a couple of months ago, Erika took one of those little home pregnancy tests, and it showed two pink lines on it. Yup. McLaughlin said he hopes those who attend the luncheon leave with a greater understanding regarding the "complexity of the challenges urban fathers face". Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers.

Are you a father? All he can do is provide for, teach, love, discipline, and pray for them, trusting the Lord for the rest. What they had to say left us ... well, kind of emotional, to say the least. God our Father also anticipates the return of His wayward children, and is prepared for every child's joyful homecoming. Words have the power to make or break a relationship and we have you covered. I remember our final conversation was through the telephone. They come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities- some are strict, some are chill, some are indifferent, some are amusing while some are scary enough to make you pee your trousers with just one look. It doesn't help that every child is different in their needs, personalities and expectations, so what works for one doesn't work for another. What have you personally learned from his strengths and weaknesses? "This allowed us to compare the associations with the food parenting practices among moms and dads". Don't tell mom. He rarely said no, probably because we didn't ask for much. Our divine Father's love is forever.

God knows all about our future because He has lovingly planned it out for us. McLaughlin works with more than 1,000 men annually, with around 500 new men seeking services each year, promoting responsible fatherhood, healthy marriages, non-custodial father involvement, ex-offender reintegration and more.

Unlike my earthly father, my Heavenly Father is flawless.