McGregor backers say Mayweather fight is no sideshow

  • McGregor backers say Mayweather fight is no sideshow

McGregor backers say Mayweather fight is no sideshow

McGregor began as a youth boxer in his native city of Dublin, but has never boxed professionally. "And he wants to turn right around again after this fight and fight again this year", said White. Just imagine the scene when McGregor rolls into Mayweather's new strip club in Las Vegas and mimics his propensity for throwing cash around.

Floyd Mayweather fight has been the most anticipated fight since the Mayweather-Pacquiao days - and will continue to be the most anticipated fight until August 26th.

In MMA, the fight is held in a cage which is an Octagon which has a bigger square area than a boxing ring.

Unfortunately things didn't work out for Mauro Ranallo's WWE run, but he gets to do play-by-play for one of the biggest fights of all time, so I'd say things turned out alright for him.

This spectacle has been two years in the making, and like any memorable event trying to transcend into a true pop culture moment, there's plenty of backstory to build on. That's where I worry for Conor. "When he fought Manny Pacquaio it was five years after Manny's prime, he was on the way out basically". "Maybe. But to do this all at once is very, very hard".

Despite Mayweather's inactivity, Sulaiman says a belt other than their world super-welterweight title strap could be on the line.

The pair danced around the idea of fighting through back and forth social posts, playing off the natural rivalry among MMA and boxing fans. Whenever Conor hits people, they fall.

A 12-round decision could be hard.

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Mayweather is unbeaten in 49 professional fights and is the clear bookmakers' favourite to trump McGregor later this summer.

'I'm going to tune in and watch, and I'm going to pay to watch it; it's an event, ' Bellew said. If you're Team Conor, it's going to feel endless.

"I'm one of those who believes in being able to cross over". There's so many more variables. In the past, Mayweather has had trouble with left-handed fighters. White said this week. "No. That's why people love this kid". And Conor McGregor is an absolute knockout artist.

"He's the best boxer in the world so Conor has to have a good game plan, but on the other hand it's boxing and anything can happen".

This will definitely be the highest earning fight of all time.

The placement of the fight at the MGM Grand might seem odd considering that Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena seats about 4,000 more fans, but a fight promotional expert said the MGM Grand is ideal because it allows Mayweather and Haymon to dictate prices to ticket brokers. He has shown that he can be a champion in two different weight classes, but now he is switching sports - which will be hard. "Boxing is more aerobic". "And he's getting paid to do it so you can't knock that". Now, he still has to build that legacy, but at least he can map it out and choose his fights strategically. "I have seen Floyd buzzed in a fight".

There are some unknowns that could tip the scales a bit for McGregor.

When will the fight take place? Mayweather is 40 and last fought in September 2015.