Chris Brown comments on Rihanna's photo & fans aren't here for it!

  • Chris Brown comments on Rihanna's photo & fans aren't here for it!

Chris Brown comments on Rihanna's photo & fans aren't here for it!

Amid thousands of other comments, Chris added the " staring eyes emoji. "MS ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY aka RIRI aka BAD GAL listen here ma'am Rihanna you are killing me right now like on some poetic justice type of s**t", a fan gushed.

A fan cautioned "avoid her". Another said that he should "keep your hands to yourself sir".

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter has been slammed after he commented on one of Rihanna's recent photos on social media.

While one fan wrote: "Can Riri flourish in peace".

"For the parade this year, Lauren Austin sent several costumes to Rihanna who chose, necessarily, the wildest".

Over the weekend, Rihanna teased her Instagram followers with one of the most talked about outfits in celebrity history. "She met Rihanna in particular through her younger brother Rorrey Fenty". Bright pink and green feather surround her and dominate the look.

In 2009 the couple broke up after Rihanna was physically assaulted by the singer.

The Wild Thoughts singer made sure all eyes were on her when she chose to wrap herself in a sheet of embellishments.

She later told Vanity Fair: 'I don't hate him. Rihanna reportedly left Jameel behind because the "Work" singer feels he's too much work, according to the insider. He famously gushed about being in love with her for several years before leaning in for an even more famous smooch. "Possibly I'm the individual who's practically the watchman holy messenger to this individual, to be there when they're not sufficiently solid, when they're not understanding the world, when they simply require somebody to energize them emphatically and say the proper thing". I will care about him until the day I die.

According to sources inside their entourage, Rihanna was the one who made a decision to end the toxic relationship after a few months.

Meanwhile, the Barbadian beauty, who is now dating Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel, had recently made headlines for her recent weight gain.