How to avoid buying bogus solar eclipse glasses

  • How to avoid buying bogus solar eclipse glasses

How to avoid buying bogus solar eclipse glasses

The total solar eclipse will cross the U.S. NASA estimates that 391 million people will view the eclipse in a total or partial form this year. The three other potential cloud covers range from a few clouds to scattered or broken cloud cover.

The eclipse will be visible to everyone in the continental United States, but will only be a total eclipse - meaning, the moon passes directly in front of the sun - for people in a specific path the sun will carve from the northwestern states down through the southeast.

While in Nebraska, Guinan plans to fly drones to look at the shadow created by the eclipse and also take part with a nationwide group of scientists taking pictures of the magnetic streamers in the sun's corona that are visible during the 2 ½ minute totality as the eclipse travels across the United States. It will be the first time in 38 years that this phenomenon can be viewed in any of the 48 states - the last one was in 1979.

"Several school districts in our area are closing to allow students to experience this historic event", said Ms. MacTavish, a former Knox County Schools science teacher and current clinical assistant professor in STEM education in UT's College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. "Doing so could potentially cause permanent damage to your eyes".

This programming is meant to coincide, in part, with the first solar eclipse to be seen over North America since 1979, on Monday, Aug. 21. The eclipse will begin from Lincoln Beach in OR and travel across 14 states until it exits at Charleston, South Carolina. We have what you need to know before you get your glasses, which you find on the WLTX Solar Eclipse Page. During this time period of complete coverage, it is safe to take off your eclipse viewing glasses. Can I stare at the sun during the eclipse? No. Total solar eclipses are relatively rare occurrences, although there will be another one in 2024 that will pass over Pennsylvania more directly.

The kids also received eclipse-viewing glasses, something that could have only happened due to a special grant from NASA.

Butler University's Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium will present the planetarium show "All American Eclipse" focusing on the event.

Wang says, even with approved viewing glasses - do not stare at the sun during the partial eclipse.

You can see's chart of eclipse timing for major cities here.

The Seed Library will reopen Saturday, Aug. 19, from 11 1 the parking lot lobby.

Even phony and unsafe glasses may seem legit. It is better to be sensitive to nature during the eclipse to experience the difference two and a half minutes would make.

"If that happens there will be thousands and thousands of people doing the same thing so you will end up being stuck on Highway 20", he says.