Finding the right eclipse glasses

  • Finding the right eclipse glasses

Finding the right eclipse glasses

The Broadmoor Branch is hosting “The All American Solar Eclipse Viewing Party” on the front lawn of the branch located at 1212 Captain Shreve Drive.

Minds Inspired has bought 500 pairs of viewing glasses to ensure that those who gaze at the sun can do so safely. The largest circle is the part of the moon's shadow called the penumbra, which will partially block the sun. Humans are expected to react with amazement when the thin path of totality, or total eclipse, passes through portions of 14 states, but what about their pets?

One of those telescopes will use a hydrogen 1 alpha spectrum filter, through which flares and flames on the sun can be viewed. That's like the lights going dark in all of Greensboro.

Pinhole viewers can also be downloaded and printed from NASA's website.

He said the district has not decided yet if it will alter dismissal times or procedures. Texoma will not see a full eclipse.

News 2's eclipse expert, Janet Ivey of Janet's Planet, compiled a list of words commonly used when talking about a total solar eclipse so you'll be able to confidently speak about everything eclipse.

Hendricks says the Putnam will provide protective eyewear required to view the eclipse.

"Eclipses are very (rarely seen), and so you should take a couple minutes out of your day to go see the eclipse, if you can", she said.

"Even short periods gazing at the sun can cause damage", says Van Gelder.

Are your eclipse glasses up to the job?

The program will provide safety tips and techniques for the event. But millions will get to witness a total eclipse as the moon completely blocks out the sun on a narrow path from OR to SC. A partial eclipse is just as rare.

In case you haven't heard, it's not safe to look directly at the sun. "Most people have never been in proximity to an eclipse", said company spokesman Mark Margolis.