Man Arrested For Trying to Kill French Soldiers

  • Man Arrested For Trying to Kill French Soldiers

Man Arrested For Trying to Kill French Soldiers

A MAN suspected of ramming a auto into soldiers in Paris was shot and "seriously wounded" by police on a motorway near Calais.

The suspect, born in 1980, reportedly drove his vehicle into a police auto before being arrested, according to BFMTV.

While the driver's motive is unclear, the mayor in Levallois-Perret is in no doubt it was deliberate.

The increasing number of attacks spurred French counterterrorism prosecutors to ramp up investigations and actively pursue perpetrators who are connected to a terrorist enterprise and attempt to murder French security forces.

Police were able to identify his vehicle thanks to security cameras that filmed the attack on the soldiers on Wednesday morning.

Three of the soldiers hit in the morning attack were slightly injured, while three were more seriously hurt, but their lives weren't in danger, according to the Defense Ministry.

Authorities are now searching for the vehicle and the driver after the incident in Levallois, north-west of the capital, according to a Paris police spokesman.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that, despite the high threat of terror attacks in France, the government would stick to its plan of lifting the state of emergency, imposed following the deadly extremist attacks in Paris in November 2015 and now in its 21st month.

On August 5th, a 19-year-old who was on leave from the psychiatric hospital where he was interned threatened soldiers at the Eiffel Tower. 'It's an odious act of aggression, ' Balkany also said.

The Paris prosecutor's office also confirmed the arrest to ABC News, saying the man was driving the auto authorities were searching for on the A16 highway north of Paris.

Mr Jean-Claude Veillant, a resident of an apartment building directly above the scene, witnessed part of the attack. Authorities said 300 police officers were mobilized to find the suspect. "It hurtled at accelerated rapidly".

The Washington Post quoted the French interior minister as saying that this is the sixth intentional attack on soldiers with the Sentinelle operation.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group has repeatedly targeted France because of its participation in the US-led global coalition fighting the Islamist militants, with French jets carrying out air strikes in Syria.

French President Emmanuel Macron is holding a previously scheduled top-level security meeting. "It is the most densely populated town in Europe and is home to France's main intelligence agency and is staging point" for soldiers who have been assigned to protect prominent sites after recent attacks.