Trade, diplomatic ties of India, China intact

  • Trade, diplomatic ties of India, China intact

Trade, diplomatic ties of India, China intact

India has proposed to China to simultaneously pull back from Doklam, which India and Bhutan say belongs to Thimpu. Nonetheless, the daily didn't acknowledge that the area in question is disputed between Bhutan and China, and China had moved to disrupt the status quo, thereby violating a 2012 agreement between India and China. After Malabar naval war exercises, as per media reports, India and the United States are again set to conduct "Yudh Abhyas" involving the two armies. It further said that even former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru back in 1962 believed China would not strike back.

"Washington should have its diplomacy at the ready". At best, we can stop import of panels, but wafers and cells still have to be imported, and if China increases the prices of wafers and cells, are we ready for it? "Both are huge economic powers with considerable trade between them", Riedel wrote in an op-ed in the Daily Beast.

Ms Wang was briefing an Indian media delegation. Nearly two weeks ago on July 21, it had published a similar threat saying, "If Indian troops continue trespassing into China's territory, what Beijing may do next is to get prepared for a military confrontation and resolve the conflict through non-diplomatic means".

The border standoff between Indian and Chinese troops on the remote Doklam area in the Himalayas is approaching the two-month mark with no end in sight.

Last week, a retired Indian Army major general and now defense commentator, Ashok Mehta, accused Beijing of running aggressive campaign against Delhi on a news show on China Global Television Network (CGTN). Indian border troops are no rival to [Chinese] field forces.

China doesn't have diplomatic ties with Bhutan, and has called India's involvement in the issue "utterly unjustifiable".

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In a stunning but unsubstantiated claim, a senior Chinese official said on Tuesday that Bhutan has acknowledged that the Doka La area where the Indian and Chinese troops are engaged in a standoff does not belong to it. "If India is honest about peace, its troops should never have invaded China in the first place, and ought to immediately and unconditionally get back to their own side of the border", the editorial said.

"We do not want to see any incident of confrontation and conflict due to this issue", he said.

"If the Narendra Modi government continues ignoring the warning coming from a situation spiralling out of control, countermeasures from China will be unavoidable". This is reflection of the fact that the Indian side lodged protests with China from the very beginning of this episode, according persons familiar with the issue. Watching China's initiatives in South Asia, from the construction of ports in Sri Lanka and Pakistan to the hugely ambitious "belt and road" projects from Central Asia to Africa, Indians need not be paranoid to feel encircled. Then, even if the theatre of war remains restricted to Doklam, there is the risk of fallout from a war between two of the six largest economies in the world. A standoff ensued after that and both, India and China, have sent their defence forces to protect their interest.