Why People Hated That Bachelorette Finale

  • Why People Hated That Bachelorette Finale

Why People Hated That Bachelorette Finale

In what might've been the most emotional finale in The Bachelorette history (yes, we realize Chris Harrison says that every year, but SERIOUSLY), Rachel Lindsay officially chose her Prince Charming, but it may not be who you expected... Anyway, congrats, Rachel. You might not have gotten the man you wanted, but you got the ring. So let's put this question out there - will producers take what they've learned from Rachel and the men of color who dated her to present the franchise's first black bachelor?

Although race became a big part of the discussion at a few points, the fact that Rachel was the first black bachelorette, while promoted by the network, was rarely brought up directly on the show. "Rachel, when I first stepped out of that limo I knew I was in for the ride of my life", he said.

Many Bachelor Nation couples struggle while watching the show air, but Bryan and Rachel headed that issue off at the pass. Rachel told us in July, "He needs to know everything that's going on so he can process everything".

During their post-Bachelorette media tour, Rachel stressed how much she has in common with Bryan. When asked if that would be something he would be interested in, Peter revealed that he would have to think long and hard about the decision if he were to be approached to be the new leading man. Peter asks her if in a week, I'm not ready?

Eric Bigger doesn't think Bryan Abasolo was Rachel Lindsay's pick on The Bachelorette and that it was really Peter Kraus. Rachel added the ideal dose of insight without tipping her hand too much about what was coming in the finale episode. Who do you want to see get the gig? "She'll probably win in the end!" "I thought Steve Harvey was going to pop out with Peter and be like, SURPRISE!" L I gotta say, Eric is quite a guy!

Watching The Bachelor/ette in a very large group, as I did last night at the Majestic for the finale, gives reality TV the unexpected feeling of being at a live mixed martial arts fight.

She also didn't appreciate that Peter said he felt "attacked" during the "After the Final Rose", but couldn't back that up by explaining how she attacked him.

"I did", Dal says. But then Rachel comes out and we find out she's gonna watch this with everyone and talk about what was going on when those things happened. "I'm so happy for them, I was rooting for Bryan since day one".

Bryan comes out on the show and he gets down on 1 knee again and re-proposes to her, which makes Rachel giddy. He did tell Michael, "I'd have to think a lot about it". I tell them congratulations and that I hope they're very happy together.

Most notably the comment didn't sit well with Lindsay and during the reunion she admonished Kraus by saying she was living her "best life" instead of a mediocre one.