COMMENT: This can be Manchester City's season in the Premier League

  • COMMENT: This can be Manchester City's season in the Premier League

COMMENT: This can be Manchester City's season in the Premier League

Romelu Lukaku is this summer's star signing to help fire United to the top of the table but manager Mourinho reckons everything has changed in the past 12 months. "People at the club seemed to mull it over for quite a while and then out of respect for Petr and what he'd done, and the situation with [Thibaut] Courtois, they let him go".

Mourinho, who has been staying at the Lowry Hotel since taking over from Louis van Gaal, only recently returned to the UK following United's Super Cup defeat by Real Madrid earlier this week.

"Overall I believe that it's down to us. We organise the training routines much better, we are much stronger in the analysis department".

"Matic knows very well what I think about him - the importance for me about this player, who is a really good player, a top player, very important for our team", he told Sky Sports.

Manchester City have won each of their last six opening matches in the Premier League, the best current run in the competition. In attack, they were exhilarating at times previous year, the best in the league, and if they get a decent amount of games out of Vincent Kompany, then it may well be a no-contest.

I had midfield players scoring goals, wingers scoring goals, central defenders good in the air scoring goals from set-pieces.

"He's one of those players who gives me what I like in a player, which is consistency".

Watford, Burnley, and most notably Stoke City may all have seasons that they might want to forget.

"And I think we're going to reach that level as a football team in the next couple of years".

"Manchester United are one of the top three football clubs in the world, no doubt about it", he said in an interview conducted by UEFA. The arrival of 11 "important" players - as Guardiola refers to them - has handed the Spanish coach an embarrassment of riches up in attack and fresh energy throughout his squad, which now has an average age of 24.

"I think what will be crucial will be their home form". And nobody needs his services more this season than Mourinho.

"We needed to do that this summer because we have one of the oldest teams in Europe".

"We are in a position to do quality work better than we did in the first season, so I am convinced - it is not just a hope, I am convinced - that our second season, in terms of the quality of our team, is going to be better. We managed to assimilate very well what he asked us in the training sessions and things worked out".