New York Giants: Scary moment for Odell Beckham Jr

  • New York Giants: Scary moment for Odell Beckham Jr

New York Giants: Scary moment for Odell Beckham Jr

This side of Boddy-Calhoun's helmet appeared to hit Beckham below the left knee while the receiver's left foot was also planted on the ground.

The 24-year-old wide receiver is in the final year of his four-year rookie contract, and he is slated to make $1.84 million in base salary this season. Beckham left the game with an ankle injury and did not return. For a player like Boddy-Calhoun, who was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars last season before landing in Cleveland and is playing for a roster spot, the fact that it's the preseason doesn't come into the play. And while he will undergo additional tests, most likely including an MRI, Beckham walked without a limp after the game. Those of us who aren't Boddy-Calhoun can not say, for sure, that the defensive back was targeting the superstar's knees.

This is potentially a huge blow to New York's chances in Dallas. Remember, the New York Giants still have not scored a touchdown in the preseason. They have some decent players now. Inefficiency is forgivable on August 21, but such lackluster play won't be tolerated beginning on September 10.

Big Blue Nation, hold your breath. Receivers and tight ends have nearly universally made it clear that they'd prefer to get hit in the head than in the ankles and knees, because torn ligaments and broken bones are a lot more hard to play through.

All conversations about the NY offense drastically change, obviously, if Beckham misses action once Week 1 rolls around. Taking a look at how #Eli Manning runs the offense shows that Marshall and Beckham practically are the offense.

Yahoo! Sports reports the insurance policy could be signed prior to the regular season in the event Beckham doesn't land a lucrative long-term deal.

"You have to play the game to get better", McAdoo said.

The Giants open their 2017 National Football League regular season on September 10 against the Dallas Cowboys.