Mayweather vs McGregor PPV at Kia Theatre

  • Mayweather vs McGregor PPV at Kia Theatre

Mayweather vs McGregor PPV at Kia Theatre

Estimates vary but some projections indicate Mayweather could make as much as $200 million from Saturday's contest, with McGregor collecting around $100 million.Mayweather has fought at 154 pounds before but is more used to fighting at welterweight (150 pounds).

Mayweather, 40, is the world's richest athlete and has come out of retirement for the fight. "They've been working really hard and it's so good they got the opportunity to record in Windmill Lane Recording Studios for the ad".

"I'm already the true king of fighting".

"That's why they want to see it", said Mayweather Sr. "My job is to be a fighter". "Or are we going to see McGregor maybe throw a flying kick and knock him out?"

Meanwhile Thomas Nolan was overweight and the bullying about his appearance led to him becoming depressed.

"It's my passion for us [Mayweather and I]", Jones said when asked why he was shouting at McGregor. "But he's praying to the new god of boxing". You know a bottle will last longer than the fight. Or about half the price of one the remaining tickets to the bout.

The big money for the two fighters will come from pay-per-view sales, and early indications are that it could break all records. "This about proving people wrong and proving that he can do what many people feel is impossible".

Mr. Mayweather is known for his extravagance, often flaunting the money he makes for each match. The prevailing theory is that McGregor wins the power battle, but there's more than one fighter with power in this, the most unusual of fights.

"I said "you know what, I'm going to climb up and I will go in different disciplines and I will get that fight with him".

Both seemed exhausted of talking, and just wanted to get to the fight.

Mayweather is a heavy favorite in what will be McGregor's first professional boxing match.

But with Saturday's mega-fight showdown at T-Mobile Arena, McGregor is suddenly subscribing to a key part of the Mayweather plan.

"Eight-ounce gloves, he made a big, big error in my opinion", McGregor said.

"This is a lot more subdued, a lot more business like", McGregor began.

During a recent appearance on Cousin Sal's "Against All Odds" podcast, ESPN boxing analyst Max Kellerman said "Mayweather would literally be a tremendous value at 50-to-1".

"After 21 years I've been hit with everything and I'm still right here", Mayweather said. "Floyd has a will to win stronger than any man I've ever met".

"With that being said, out of 47 opponents that I faced, I have brittle hands and I'm supposed to be a scared opponent".