Your view: Take a history lesson before tearing down statues

  • Your view: Take a history lesson before tearing down statues

Your view: Take a history lesson before tearing down statues

I grew up in the best-known small town in America. Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland said that they would be removing the statue of a Supreme Court Justice from the civil war era who provided the opinion that African-Americans could not obtain citizenship.

While I am proud of my hometown and its historical significance, it has given me a unique perspective to look at the state of the US following the horrific events of Charlottesville.

I hadn't heard about Camp Douglas until my conservative column-writing colleague Patrick Buchanan told me about an ancestor of his who died as a prisoner there. Instead of depicting the sacrifice of those caught in the net of historical forces outside of their control, Confederate monuments tend to be boastful, saluting rebel leaders as statesman or warriors, and thus tacitly endorsing their ideology, prejudices and actions. That message is inherently racist.

It's interesting to note that Gen. Robert E. Lee, the Confederate commander whose statue was at the center of the violence in Charlottesville, was opposed to erecting monuments to the Confederacy after the war ended. They inspired fear, suppressed resistance, and, through Black Codes and Jim Crow, engineered the near-re-enslavement of Black people. Removing them means eliminating a rallying point for present-day assertions of white supremacy.

On the other hand, almost all conscripted Confederate soldiers were not slaveholders and were patriotic in the same way as the Founding Fathers.

Personifying the spirit of the Confederate cause as a lovely women distorts a much more sinister historical truth. Putting up monuments or memorials is an incremental process, done over decades.

An artist's depiction of the monument dedicated to the 40,000 Canadians who fought in the American Civil War. It time for them to admit that they lost the War: then, now and forever more. Everyone should visit the Houston Holocaust Museum at least once to learn from one of the biggest atrocities in history. According to Trump, the same critical perspective could be applied to our slave-owning founding fathers. Of course, the statues could represent all of these things at once. However, this is a landscape of racial discrimination and segregation that haunts the USA still today.

The now-removed monument also included a quotation from Robert E. Lee. Republican House Speaker Joe Straus has called for checking the accuracy of that plaque and almost a dozen other Confederate symbols located around the state Capitol alone.

US history courses in MA, however, directly focus on slavery, asking students to "describe the rapid growth of slavery in the South after 1800 and analyze slave life and resistance on plantations and farms across the South".

The president says it's "fine" to want to preserve our historical monuments and the desire to do so does not make one a Neo-Nazi, white nationalist or sympathizer with the KKK.

The article also recalls the removal of a Confederate monument in North Carolina where protesters yanked a statue down using a rope. There is a reason there are no statues of Hitler in Germany today.

Statues to soldiers and to war focus too much on the violence in our past.

"The removal of the Confederate flag and other Civil War Confederate monuments have been pushed to the forefront of American discourse, in part, because we live in an age where information is disseminated faster than ever", Ward said.

They have helped compose those "mystic chords of memory" about which Abraham Lincoln spoke so eloquently.

Wisely, there is a new plaque telling onlookers: "Monument texts reflect the character of the times in which they are written and the temper of those who wrote them".

We must fulfill this responsibility. The real origin, he was told, could be traced to groups of colonists from England who despised each other long before the rebellion began in 1861.