GCSE Day: Record breaking results at Caistor Grammar School

  • GCSE Day: Record breaking results at Caistor Grammar School

GCSE Day: Record breaking results at Caistor Grammar School

Headmaster Simon Corns said the results were an improvement on past year.

At Maesteg Comprehensive School on GCSE results day, there were plenty of smiles at how the pupils had performed in a year when they were, in effect, "guinea pigs".

Some of the academy's highest achievers included Heidi Bee with six A*s, one A and three 8-9 scores in English and maths, Sophie Miller with four A*s, four As and three 7-9 scores and Victoria Poole with seven A*s, three 8-9 scores and an A.

At Hans Price Academy, in Marchfields Way, Weston-super-Mare, the students were in high spirits as they opened their results, with 98 per cent of students gaining five or more GCSEs.

"The priority for us today is to make sure that students can go on to the next step in further education and majority are coming back here".

So is Grade 9 the same as an A*?

"These outstanding GCSE results will only enhance that reputation".

"However, all my worries were washed away when I saw Grade 9".

We are absolutely delighted with these results which show what persistent hard work and excellent teaching can achieve.

The A*-G GCSE grades in these subjects are now replaced with a grade scale of 9 to 1 with examinations "designed to assess a more demanding curriculum". Overall 49% of our students gained a Grade 9-4 in both Maths and English.

He said: "They really helped me and although I found it very hard at times, they helped me to get through".

In one of the headline figures for the school, 50 per cent of UCAN students achieved either a grade A or B in science.

"These students can now move on to the next stage of their education armed with the grades they need for future success".

She said, 'I am thrilled that my friends and I have done so well.

"These are great results for adult learners across North Yorkshire, who should be congratulated for all their hard work", said County Councillor Patrick Mulligan, Executive Member for Education and Skills.

With some exceptional achievements across the board, the all girls' school in College Avenue, Grays, has particularly excelled across English with 92 per cent achieving a 9-4 in the more challenging 2017 exam, securing 88 per cent in Language and 92 per cent in the literature GCSE.