The Night King may be more familiar to us than we think

  • The Night King may be more familiar to us than we think

The Night King may be more familiar to us than we think

Now that the dust has settled after Sunday's episode, more fans have been putting forward evidence for the same theory: that Arya is playing a much smarter game than anyone is giving her credit for. Last week, Arya stupidly followed Littlefinger's breadcrumbs to exactly where he wanted her to: the scroll that Sansa wrote back in Season 1, imploring her brother, Robb, to cease his campaign against the Lannisters, come to King's Landing, and swear fealty to then-King Joffrey. The stage is set for a clash between the two powerful young women. She even threatened Sansa outright after Sansa snooped and found Arya's assassin disguises.

The way Arya stomped toward Sansa with the dagger made me wonder if we were in for "Red Wedding Part 2: Sister v".

It's hard to say who is right because both women carry a lot of baggage and are both so much stronger after all they've been through on their own. Definitely not! She's still listening to Littlefinger, for one; she's sending Brienne away when Brienne could be one of the few people who could keep her safe from her murderous little sister. He will either do something that will give Sansa no choice but to kill him herself or he will never suspect that Arya is coming to cut his throat. Alternative theories: Arya has already killed Littlefinger and is wearing his face or Arya is simply pretending to fall into Littlefinger's trap and planning to team up with Sansa to take him down together.

It isn't just Sansa who is emulating their father, and the laced brown leather jacket Arya has worn upon her return isn't the only way she is mirroring Ned either; she's also wearing her hair in the half up/half down Ned styling. She knows how to move around undetected, which means there's no way Littlefinger would've noticed she was following him two episodes back-unless she wanted him to. If Sansa can gain control of that army and kill the master manipulator of the ladder of chaos himself, that will prove she is a true player in the Game of Thrones. Arya, please chill out. Arya tells her she got them during her training with the Faceless Men and tells Sansa about the "game of faces," which helps her determine whether someone is lying. Will Sansa realize Arya's game or will it be too late for her? She was coerced into marrying Tyrion Lannister who, sweet as he is, was not a good match for her. Along the way she learned how to survive in risky situations by reading people and picking up on various clues. The sexual assault and humiliation she suffered at the hands of Ramsay Bolton were one of the worst fates to befall any character in Game of Thrones. Her reappearance at Winterfell, where the surviving Starks have retaken their ancestral home, has coincided with a clear characterization shift: once a bright-eyed, earnest trickster, she now squints a lot and talks in a low, murder-y cadence not dissimilar from her mentor Jaqen H'ghar. Though that second encounter did happen in private (though I wouldn't doubt Littlefinger could find a way to eavesdrop) it nearly completely exposed Arya's real plan.

The cons: First off, Sansa should know better than to seek counsel from Littlefinger; it just looks super-shady. Her relationship with her sister, Sansa, is more strained than ever.