Donald Trump touts border wall during Arizona visit

  • Donald Trump touts border wall during Arizona visit

Donald Trump touts border wall during Arizona visit

Mr. Trump needs his safe spaces, now more than ever, because he is becoming increasingly more isolated, politically and personally.

President Donald Trump waded deep into the culture war Tuesday over Confederate statues - while revising the very recent history of his own comments.

"I hit 'em with neo-Nazi, I hit 'em with everything. KKK?" "'Racist' means an irrational hatred of people".

Trump's test: We as Americans look to our president in times of crisis and tragedy for political and moral leadership.

And, indeed, it was a defining moment. Ten percent of survey respondents said they did not know whether to trust Trump or the news media.

Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed believe that the so-called "alt-right" white nationalist movement holds neo-Nazi views, while 10 percent voiced their support for the alt-right. Elsewhere, though, his support is shrinking. President Donald Trump was criticised in the poll for his handling of events. But at least it can be asserted that dedicated #NeverTrumper Williamson isn't joining the reactionary crowd in calling for Trump's head on a proverbial impeachment spike today.

More voters also trust the news media more than they do Trump, 54 to 36 percent, according to the poll.

Five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, including Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard, condemned the neo-Nazis, stating that their beliefs contradicted the military's core values. "It's against our values and everything we've stood for since 1775".

Other flags used at the rally included that of the Traditionalist Workers Party, which advocates for racially pure nations, and one often used by the white supremacist group Vanguard America. As I've pointed out in previous articles, social conservatives, or bigots, tend to be the mediocrity of White society, so they try to use the fact that they were born White to define themselves and to compensate for their lack of personal value. Some, though, did take Mr. Trump on, including Florida Sen.

The violence that happened in Charlottesville on Saturday, Aug. 12 at a White Nationalist rally is shocking and disturbing, but really not surprising. We can not treat every lost election as an illegitimate one - which is precisely the direction in which the Democrats have us pointed at the moment.

The fallout from Trump's comments has been heavy as lawmakers from both sides slammed him and four high-powered executives walked away from his manufacturing advisory board to protest his delay in denouncing white supremacy.

Throwing gasoline onto political controversies, Trump threatened to shut down the government unless Congress funds his border wall and all but promised a pardon for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of contempt of court in a case related to racial profiling.

Instead, they've chose to hold an online "Day of ACTion", which we can only assume will be similar to net neutrality days of action, with the key difference that it will generally only involve the worst sites on the internet rather than the best.

On Tuesday, administration officials sought to underscore Trump's tough-on-immigration stance, attributing a drop in border apprehensions to his actions and rhetoric over the first six months of his tenure.