Donald Trump fences himself in with border wall spending threat

  • Donald Trump fences himself in with border wall spending threat

Donald Trump fences himself in with border wall spending threat

At his Tuesday rally in Phoenix, Ariz., President Trump proclaimed that he would welcome a government shutdown by vetoing the upcoming appropriations bills if Congress does not fund the border wall.

This comes after the president campaigned on the promise that America's neighbour to the south would pay for the wall itself, something former Mexican president Vicente Fox colourfully told the media in February that his country would not be doing. Each time, she deflected. The border wall is a priority for the president.

Investment banking company Goldman Sachs told its investors on August 18 that the likelihood of a government shutdown is now fifty-fifty, but one Axios source has blown that figure out of the water with a 75 per cent chance. The President was frustrated; that was clear to all watchers.

When lawmakers return from summer recess on September 5, a deeply divided Congress will need to come together by the end of the month to fund the government into 2018 and raise the legal cap on federal borrowing in order to avoid a debt default. Republican politicians across the nation have used dog-whistle messages to demean people of color, immigrants, and Muslims to ensure solid white support. Notably, he threatened a shutdown then as well.

As a result of the 2013 shutdown over Obamacare that was blamed on Sen. The wall drama plays out as his decision to pour more troops and resources into Afghanistan risks disappointing supporters drawn by his pledges to cut United States military involvement overseas.

Q: Since the president is going full-court press threatening a shut down over funding of the wall, does that mean he is abandoning any efforts to negotiate with Mexico any payment for construction? "I don't think it's in our interest to do so". Carter, Clinton, and Obama depended upon non-whites to gain the presidency.

"It's completely unpredictable", said Maya MacGuineas, the president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Budget. No group says Mexico would foot the bill.

SANDERS: He hasn't said they're not, either.

In the latest in a stream of criticisms that could undermine his aims to cut taxes, pass a budget and rebuild infrastructure, Trump sought to blame party leaders if Congress fails to agree to raise the cap on how much the federal government may borrow.

House Republicans voted last month to provide $1.6 billion in seed funding for the border wall as part of a larger spending package.

Q: Isn't Mexico supposed to pay for the wall? Lately, mainstream news reports have Trump profanely going at McConnell on the phone, unhappy with him for the failure to get a health-care reform passed (in fact, Republicans couldn't come up with anything that worked) and for not shielding Trump from an investigation of his campaign's connections to Russian Federation - something McConnell could not have done even if he had wanted to.