Things the Galaxy Note 8 Can Do

  • Things the Galaxy Note 8 Can Do

Things the Galaxy Note 8 Can Do

BestSmartphonesUnder reports that the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is INR will be Rs. 74,990. Make sure to pin it to the AOD (Always on Display) so you can save your ideas to Notes.

Owners should keep in mind that even after trading in their phablet, they will still be responsible for any existing contracts or installment plans they undertook to get their Note 7. You don't need a special payment pad like you do with Apple Pay. The two smartphones have curved screen design, Gorilla Glass 5, 2960x1440 pixel resolution, and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. The company describes the edge-to-edge screen as an "infinity display".

First things first, if this was a competition based exclusively on screen-size, then the Note 8 would be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Then again it wouldn't stop you from importing one from China (provided the import cost isn't astronomical), though I do have first-hand experience of Samsung refusing to fix an Asian model when something goes wrong.

The product manual also includes images of screens that show recommended content, upcoming reminder, home screen, apps screen, and suggestions on how one can swipe or control a particular page. Coming to the battery, the Galaxy S8 is powered by a 3,000mAh battery while Galaxy S8 Plus has a larger 3,500mAh battery inside. Simply play a video, pull out the stylus and do some cropping and you're done. Take a photo of a French menu or Spanish road sign, pull out the S-Pen and hover over the text. It features dual rear cameras of 12 MP each with optical image stabilisation (OIS).

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But what wasn't mentioned onstage at Unpacked was the price.

Because Samsung likes to pack its phones with its own apps and services, that means you're presented with a confusing array of options to perform the same basic tasks, from both Google and Samsung: two web browsers, two app stores, two email apps, and so on. This is Samsung's equivalent to the mostly defunct Google Now, which surfaces timely and pertinent information based on certain contexts. Are you a techie who knows how to write?