Sandra Bullock donates Dollars 1 mn to Hurricane Harvey victims

  • Sandra Bullock donates Dollars 1 mn to Hurricane Harvey victims

Sandra Bullock donates Dollars 1 mn to Hurricane Harvey victims

Tom Dickers is just one of many people who came hauling their boats from Dallas and San Antonio to evacuate people ever since Harvey began pounding the city with rain.

The rainfall in Texas set a new record for the continental U.S., the National Weather Service said on Tuesday.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters traveling with Trump that his visit was focused on coordination among different levels of government and laying the groundwork for what's expected to be a lengthy recovery effort.

Houston officials on Tuesday are opening the convention center adjacent to the city's National Football League stadium and the Astrodome, which can accommodate up to 10,000 people as refugees continue to seek shelter following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

As the storm ravaged Houston, livestock was not left untouched.

"We won't say congratulations. We'll congratulate each other when it's all finished", Trump said during his visit.

From her home in a northeast Houston suburb, Anike Allen has seen many of her neighbors being airlifted as she slowly runs out of food.

That's because Harvey is causing extreme amounts of damage in southeast Texas, largely due to unprecedented flooding.

Besides the additional National Guard troops from other states, there are about 1,000 active-duty military forces in position to provide assistance if called up by civilian authorities, he said.

At least 13 deaths have been reported in connection with the storm.

It may take days for Houston's flood waters, which have spilled over dams and pushed levees to their limits, to recede, local officials said.

"I think people are in bad shape, they need help", he said in a post on his Instagram page.

The president added, "Nobody's ever seen this much water".

Those storms continued to pour down precipitation through Tuesday evening. The storm's center edged off the coast of Texas into the Gulf of Mexico, drawing energy from the warm waters there and pushing band after band of heavy rain onshore.

"One of our rivals, but stepping up for the greater good of the people", Watt said about Adams. Brock Long, chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said hard times lie ahead, even after the rain stops.