Houston residents are flocking to convention centers to flee Harvey-induced floods

  • Houston residents are flocking to convention centers to flee Harvey-induced floods

Houston residents are flocking to convention centers to flee Harvey-induced floods

Calls for rescue have so overwhelmed emergency teams that they have had little time to search for bodies. "And he came on down and he got us in the basket and pulled us up", says Brown, 29. "My heart goes out to them".

Austgen, 18, a student at the University of Houston, said she watched the flooding from her dorm room and felt compelled to help.

Forecasters expect Harvey to stay over water and at 72 kph for 36 hours and then head back inland east of Houston sometime Thursday. It was still raining.

After thousands of Hurricane Harvey evacuees streamed in by the busload to Houston's George R. Brown Convention Center, the shelter has now swelled to almost double its capacity.

Organizations like the Red Cross as well as civilian volunteers have stepped up to help hand out food and make sure people find space at shelters.

Terranysha Ferguson holds her son, Christian Phillips as she sits with the rest of her family at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston on Sunday. "We had a very quiet night", he said. Since the storm hit she said she's already waited in many long lines for help.

"Scared the hell out of me when I saw it coming", he said.

"Some places may see street flooding, other places may see structure flooding", he said.

Interstate 45 is still flooded, but once the water recedes, 250 buses will be able to bring evacuees to Dallas from hard-hit areas.

Because those shelters are being filled so quickly, officials have been forced to look for other options, and some area businesses have come in handy by opening their doors in this time of desperate need. We've gotten them dry clothes. They could not, they said. "[There are] kids!'" LaVan recalls. But her mother still anxious. "I know the water will go down in my subdivision if the rain stops".

- Texas Parks and Wildlife reports 5,000 evacuees were at state parks, most in shelters, cabins or mobile homes. Water would rise 7 feet inside her house.

More than four days after the storm ravaged the Texas coastline as a Category 4 hurricane, authorities had confirmed only three deaths - including a woman killed Monday when heavy rains dislodged a large oak tree onto her trailer home in the small town of Porter. Journey likes school, and she was excited to start sixth grade on Monday.

It was 12 years ago Tuesday that Hurricane Katrina made landfall becoming one of the deadliest hurricanes in USA history. I recall being post-Katrina at the Convention Center in New Orleans and there were - a lot of systems broke down, including the plumbing, et cetera.

Shelter spokesman Tom McCasland said about 5,000 people slept on cots, while the rest slept on cardboards and blankets. He said the city is preparing to house people for weeks but is also talking to FEMA about the transition process and long-term housing.

Vi Tran greets her husband Joseph and their dogs after being briefly separated when rescue boats evacuated them and their two young daughters from Houston's Meyerland area, August 27, 2017.

Still, local officials said the center was prepared to meet the needs of evacuees.

He smiled and seemed in good spirits, not dwelling on the flood damage to his auto and house that needs its leaky roof repaired, or the families of evacuees inside the center. But at the end of the day, treat us better, you know?